This web page, like the domain, is maintained by David Keegel on behalf of the Keegel family.

Email redirection for Keegels

If your surname is Keegel (or includes Keegel, or was Keegel) and you are a relative of David's (especially descendents of the late Albert Esmond Earle Keegel and/or Emma Phoebe Keegel), then David can set up a address for you.

What this means is that anyone on The Internet can send email to and it will be automatically redirected to your current email address (or addresses).

To do this, just send email to (or In the message you can indicate whether you just want to have email redirected to the email address you are sending the message from, and/or to somewhere else; and you can indicate if you want to use something other than your first name.

This means that when you change ISPs or jobs or schools or whatever, instead of needing to tell everyone that you communicate with your new email address(es), you just need to tell one person (David).

Naturally, email will be redirected to where ever you last told David that you want it to go, so if you forget to update him when you change, it will keep going to your old address(es).

You can also use this to temporarily redirect your email when you go away for a few weeks or months. For instance, you can open a Google Mail account on the Web, email David to send your mail to as well as your normal address before you go, and then access your email from a library or an Internet Cafe while you're away.

Just remember to cancel the `redirection' with David when you get back if you no longer want it, otherwise mail will keep piling up on GMail.

There is a similar set-up for redirection - talk to Ken or David.

Keegels email list

There is also an email list for Keegels. That Keegels List page lets you read all the messages sent to the list, or join it.

Please note, subscribing to the Keegels list is free.

Or you can email

Or you can use this form to join the list:

If you get sick of a bunch of Keegels talking to each other, you can always unsubscribe.

All the things mentioned on this page (eg: subscribing, unsubscribing, Gmail and e-mail redirection for Keegels) are free of charge.

Particular Keegels (and related people)

Keegels Genealogy

There are a few resources on the Keegels Genealogy page.

Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund

The Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund is setting up an orphanage and an agricultural training centre in Sri Lanka. You can help KKCF by volunteering or donating or participating in events organised by KKCF (see for details).

Dungeons and Dragons

Some Keegels and Sheas and others have formed a group to play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). See D&D Wiki for details.

You can learn more about what is and what its for at the Web page.

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